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Step 3: Positioning

Consider the visual impact of your sign in relation to the terrain. Is it a flat peat bog, a glacier-scraped rocky hillside, the head of a fjord or a dense taiga forest? Does it need to be sited in a prominent place, such as the top of an exposed ridge, visible for kilometres, or is it in a small forest clearing?
Obviously, you want to attract people to it so you must consider its position. Is your space cramped or open? If the site is a fragile flower meadow will the sign and extra footfall cause damage? If it is on a gravel or rock surface, this is less of a concern.
Also, is the sign temporary (seasonal) or permanent? Finally, think about where your visitors will go next. People follow desire lines to the next point of interest rather than the nice winding path you may have laid.

These questions help you consider where to sensitively position your sign to not harm your site’s integrity. They may even help you decide if you need a sign there at all! After all, your aim is to avoid clutter and spoiling the natural beauty of a site or place.

Look at the following examples. Do you think they meet this criteria?