The Sign Doctor   »  Step 2: Information or interpretation?

Step 2: Information or interpretation?

Information panels basically communicate facts and figures in a one-way sense. They inform. They don’t invite an exchange. Information panels can educate by explaining how something like a hydropower station works or give you instructions to keep to the track, don’t pick wild flowers, don’t litter or wildcamp, etc.

Interpretive signs also contains facts and figures but use them to reveal things visitors may not have noticed or thought about. They tell a story using creative language. For example, they feature comparisons and metaphors to bring an object or place to life so people can relate to it on a personal level. They address people’s senses, not only making them think but feel an emotional connection too. Critically, they engage people in what feels like a conversation – that’s when you know you’re reading an interpretive sign.

Both are great but very different.

Exercise: Can you tell the difference from the following examples ?