Kurs i kultur- og naturveiledning

CIG kurs

Certified Interpretive Guide course (CIG)

Certified interpretive guiding course to share nature and culture for unique visitor experiences Specifically designed for heritage sites and places in Norway, this course provides a comprehensive set of practical and highly effective communication techniques to relate the unique qualities of your heritage for more meaningful and memorable visitor experiences.

Certified Interpretive Writer Course (CIW)

Harnessing the power of words for quality visitor communication Facts are forgotten in five-minutes but if you share what makes a site or place special and unique by connecting with your visitors’ lives and interests, it’ll be one of the highlights of their trip. Connecting with your visitors is key

Photo: Hans Ola Østby

Certified Interpretive Planner Course (CIP)

Interpretation means to add meaning to experiences, whether this comes from feelings or thoughts. How we interpret heritage is critical for the way we shape our common future.    The Certified Interpretive Planner (CIP) course is about interpretive planning for all kinds of heritage sites, including parks, archaeological sites, historic